11/08/2008 06:26 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Clinton, Redeemed: "I Am Here First To Support Barack Obama"

"...and second, to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden."

For the record, I always said that Bubba would bring it — and tonight, he did, along with each of those 18 million cracks. Brand Clinton was at stake here, and Hill and Bill delivered the one-two Clinton punch that proved that their claim on the hearts and minds of the Democratic party was not entirely misplaced. You know, just as Clinton (and others, including me) said that the campaign had strengthened Obama and made him better, the same can be said of the Clintons. The power couple that has showed its combined — and individual — mettle over the past few days is not the same as it would have been had they been swept smoothly back into power on a wave of inevitability. Obama may be the nominee for president, but the Clintons are back — not only at the head of the Democratic party, but at long last, back in its heart.