Sherri Shepherd Reacts To Sarah Palin's Speech: "Disappointed" By Community Organizer Dis, Great Day To Be A Black Republican

10/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Thursday morning on "The View," Sherri Shepherd — who just two days prior argued that Sarah Palin's five kids were enough to qualify her to be President — said she was "disappointed" by the way Palin "made fun of Barack's experience as a community activist."

"He wanted to serve," Sherri said, "so to me, to make light of that when you want to serve your country, he was serving his country as well."

Sherri, who has a special needs child herself, also mentioned that she cried when Palin promised to be a friend and advocate for special needs parents if elected.

Sherri later noted the relative lack of black people in the audience for Palin's speech, calling it "a good day for black people if you were at the RNC, beacuse there was one black man in the audience and they kept showing that one black man."


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