10/06/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hometown Paper Blasts Palin's Stonewalling In Two Editorials

The Anchorage Daily News criticizes Sarah Palin's reaction to the scandal over a state trooper in two editorials. The first attacks her overall response:

Gov. Sarah Palin is taking the wrong approach to Troopergate. She should be practicing the open and transparent, ethical and accountable government she promised when running for governor and boasts about now that she's on the national stage.

Instead, Gov. Palin has begun stonewalling the Legislature's attempt to get the bottom of allegations that she, her family or staff violated ethical or state personnel rules.

The second specifically targets her one of her lawyer's moves as "more obstruction":

Gov. Sarah Palin's lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, made an absurd threat in his battle to get the Legislature to back off its ethics investigation of the governor and her staff.

Van Flein said legislative investigator Steve Branchflower tried to call First Gentleman Todd Palin directly on "a secure and confidential line. This represents a serious security breach that we may be obligated to report to the Secret Service."

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