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Twittering The Sunday Shows

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140 characters sure add up — when you Twitter non-stop for about two hours while watching the Sunday shows. I didn't mean to do it, it just sorta happened — yes, I am getting help — but thanks to a fluke of programming here in Muskoka, Canada where I am hanging out with my parents, recuperating from the Conventions, I was able to watch a number of the Sunday shows almost in order (no DVR here, alas). I found myself watching first "Reliable Sources" on CNN, then switching to Tom Brokaw's interview with Joe Biden on "Meet The Press," then catching the lion's share of Bob Schieffer's interview with John McCain on CBS' "Face The Nation", and then catching George Stephanopoulos chatting up Barack Obama on ABC's "This Week." I know! It seemed sort of destined that I Twitter it all, or as much as I could capture in 140 characters typing on a blackberry while taking a leisurely stroll on the treadmill in the hopes of working off at least one milkshake from the CNN Grill. (It's not quite downward-facing-dog but with help from the HuffPost Oasis, I may get there yet!).

Please keep in mind that there is much I missed — live-Twittering is not an exact science and so it may not always have all the context/nuance that a less constrained format would allow. For a more complete look at the Sunday shows I urge you to check out Jason Linkins' weekly "TV Soundoff: Sunday Talking Heads" (which also has a football round-up, whoo-hoo!). Thank you for tolerating my current infatuation with Twitter. I feel so totally, digitally close to you.

From Twitter:
  • Sally Quinn on Rel. Srcs says she's been talking to some "seriously high-powered Republicans" who are horrified by Palin. Beltway insiders!

  • It is only a matter of time before the next spoof "Celebrity" video about Sarah Palin.

  • Lola Ogunnaike on CNN: The bigger story here is that the tabloids are recognizing that politics is sexy to their readers. Good point.

  • Reliable Sources wraps up the MSNBC feud really well, and draws the line, putting BriWi, ToBro, Chucky T, D. Greg and A. Mitch with NBC.

  • Brokaw on MTP characterizes Palin as taking to the stage with "one liners and attacks." That's important, b/c of what it didn't include.

  • Biden on MTP is the anti-Palin: Experienced, knowledgeable, THERE.

  • Abscence of Biden mullet allows focus on Biden smile. Give the poorest Senator a toothpaste endorsement!

  • Did McCain just promise Schieffer Palin's first Sunday morn intvu?

  • Scheiffer asks McCain about "community organizer" slur. McCain says it was in response to Obama denigrating her small-town mayor status.

  • McCain says that Obama never took on his party. But there's that Iraq war vote. And maybe McCain had more to take on! Hello, it was BUSH.

  • Schieffer on dearth of black GOP delegates: "How can you survive as a party as the party of white people?"

  • Sciheffer: "We'll look forward to having Governor Palin on next week." McCain demurs.

  • My dad, Fox fan, thinks Brokaw was fair and balanced in his intvu with Biden. Then he said, "Don't tell Olbermann I said that!" Haaaa.

  • Obama to G. Steph: Tax cuts are still a priority.

  • G.Steph asks Obama if Palin is ready to be pres. Obama says he should ask McCain -- or Palin, if she accepts an invite to come on his show.

  • Obama: "I actually knew that Russia was next to Alaska as well. I saw it on a map."

  • Community organizer smear, part II: Emphasizes that he did it out of college, with churches, to help. Isn't that putting country first?

  • G.Steph asks about subtle racial coding. Obama says he didn't hear that.

  • Did Obama sign up for military and if not, why? He said keep in mind it was '79, Vietnam was over, the need was different.

  • Obama: McCain "wants to reduce rancor in Washington? Sounds like he didn't listen to the first two days of his convention."

  • George Steph needs a haircut. Looks like a rug.

  • Obama re: Surge: Why is everyone focusing on last year and a half and not the previous five? They're connected.

  • Notes that both he and McCain agreed that surge shouldn't constitute a blank check to GWB.

  • Obama agrees that his abortion "above my pay grade" answer was flip.

  • Obama gets annoyed with G.Steph for suggesting that Muslim smears aren't connected to McCain. Says, hey, Fox News ain't exactly unconnected.

  • Eek. Obama misspeaks (or makes poor choice of words), talks of "my Muslim faith." Look for that quick, out-of-context soundbyte to go viral.

  • G.Steph asks if "Barry Obama" would take to the bball court with "Sarah Barracuda." Obama says sure.

  • Obama "This Week" intvu is done, and so is my hour on the treadmill (brisk walking! On an incline! It's a start!) See ya after I shower.

  • George Will on Limbaugh's Palin-love: "Babies, guns and Jesus, hot damn!"

  • David Brooks: Palin adds "sizzle," helps McCain not be Bob Dole.

  • Steph notes that she has greater appeal to working men than working women.

  • (I am stretching and doing ab curls on a ball. Need more than Twittering to burn off CNN Grll!)

  • Brooks: McCain's policy part of his speech was "anything but transformational...he's got a party that doesn't really know its gotta change."

  • I love that ABC's "This Week" does their In Memoriam segment. And includes soldiers.