10/10/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

New iPod Nanos, New iTunes, But Investors Yawn It Off

As expected, Apple boss Steve Jobs announced new iPods today, as well as a new version of Apple's iTunes software.

* The iPod nano is once again tall and skinny -- and even more colorful. A built-in motion sensor will tell it when to display a vertical image and when to display a horizontal image. Bigger capacity, but same entry price: An 8-gig model will cost $149, while a 16-gig model will cost $199.

* The iPod touch gets a new metal case, a built-in speaker, and built-in volume control. It'll also support Nike+iPod built-in. As expected, it's cheaper -- but still not as cheap as Apple's cheapest iPhone. An 8-gig iPod touch will cost $229 -- $70 less; a 16-gig touch will run $299, a $100 discount; and a 32-gig iPod touch will cost $399, also a $100 discount.


Are these the greenest iPods yet?

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