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Roger Ebert Pans Palin

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Venerable film critic Roger Ebert waded into politics Thursday to review Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

The verdict? Thumbs Down.

Palin is "the American Idol candidate," Ebert wrote in a Chicago Sun-Times op-ed.

What defines an "American Idol" finalist? They're good-looking, work well on television, have a sunny personality, are fierce competitors, and so talented, why, they're darned near the real thing. There's a reason "American Idol" gets such high ratings.

Ebert, however, says that's not enough of a qualification.

I want a vice president who is better, wiser, well-traveled, has met world leaders, who three months ago had an opinion on Iraq. Someone who doesn't repeat bald- faced lies about earmarks and the Bridge to Nowhere.

Ebert takes a series of shots at Palin's bashing of "elites" and her lack of international travel and experience before concluding:

I trust the American people will see through Palin, and save the Republic in November.

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