Palin's ABC Interview: Does She Have Any Interest In Our Nation's History?

10/13/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Watching Sarah Palin legs to legs with ABC's Charlie Gibson in her first interview was like watching a man question a wind-up doll. Palin looked like she came to the interview with ten answers programmed to memory, ten answers she had rehearsed over and over again with the top PR operatives John McCain inherited from Karl Rove.

The charade failed. Palin looked like a moose in the headlights or a broken Stepford Wife, especially when she couldn't define the Bush Doctrine. And when trying to cover for her lack of foreign policy experience, she was wrong in telling Gibson that many vice presidential candidates had not met with heads of state. More amazing than her being wrong is that it appears she doesn't care about foreign policy or our nation's history. Does she know who George H.W. Bush is? Dick Cheney? Two vice presidents, one currently serving, whose positions in the State Department made them obvious acquaintances of foreign heads of state. But why should we be surprised? In an interview only a month before she was picked, Palin remarked that she didn't even know what the vice president does:

Here's a partial list of vice presidents who had met with heads of state before they were elected:

Dick Cheney, George H.W. Bush, Al Gore, Dan Quayle, Walter Mondale.

ABC's Jake Tapper talks about Palin's "mistake" more in this video:

Palin's inability to think and talk yesterday drives a major point home. She was selected to be John McCain's running mate in a ploy to put politics first, not country. Why else would a man who has been in Washington for decades allow someone to be on his ticket that has no conception OF what his colleagues do? The American public will be very sorry when the wool comes off their eyes and they realize they've been served a decoy.

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