10/17/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Memories: McCain Sings Streisand

When today John McCain dissed Barack Obama for "[flying] off to Hollywood for a fundraiser with Barbara Streisand and his celebrity friends," a memory stirred (or, one could say, lit the corner of my mind). I was sure that there was some sort of McCain-Streisand connection. But whatever could link McCain, a longtime Republican, with Streisand, a longtime Democrat who performed at the 1993 inauguration of Bill Clinton? And then suddenly it hit me: On October 9, 2002, McCain had hosted "Saturday Night Live" — that show hosted by celebrities — and performed in a little skit called "McCain Sings Streisand." We have reprinted it below in its entirety; here's the video. Includes special shout-out to Alaska.

McCain Sings Streisand

Announcer: He has served his country in the military.. the Congress.. and the Senate. Now, he serves America - with song:

Sen. John McCain: [ singing ]
"Love, soft as an easy chair
Love, fresh as the morning airrr..."

Announcer: Sen. John McCain sings some of the most beautiful songs ever written:

Sen. John McCain: [ singing ]
"People, people who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world."

Announcer: All these songs and more, available on: McCain Sings Streisand.

[show slide of CD, complete with cover photo of McCain wearing a Superman t-shirt ]

Sen. John McCain: I've been in politics for over 20 years. And for over 20 years, I've had Barbera Streisand trying to do my job. So I decided to try my hand at her job. Check out this classic:

"Memories, light the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories, of the way we were."

Do I know how to sing? About as well as she knows how to govern America! Here's another gem for ya:

"Papa, can you hear me?
Papa, can you see-ee-ee me-ee?"

Pretty annoying, huh? Now you know how I feel! My new CD is a must for all of Barbra Streisand's fans, as well as log-cabin Republicans. And a special added bonus, just for Babs - a portion of all sales will be used to damage Alaskan wildlife preserves. So, order today!

"Nobody, but nobody's gonna rain on myyyyyy parade!"


There's no real reason to post this, really, other than the coincidence — McCain! Streisand! SNL! People who perform in front of cheering crowds with a cordless mike! Actually, from what I recall it was a pretty decent episode — McCain was quite an active host, in at least seven sketches including "Wake Up, Wakefield!", a pseudo "Hardball" and "Meet The Press," and playing author Frank McCourt and John Ashcroft. Oh, gosh, being a celebrity host looks like fun. Not quite dress in drag fun, but still.

Lifted completely from SNL Transcripts. Photo from SNL via, with slight modification.