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"Scud Stud" Arthur Kent Settles Lawsuit Over "Charlie Wilson's War"

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TORONTO — The NBC reporter who became known as the Scud Stud during the first Gulf War has settled a lawsuit against the makers of "Charlie Wilson's War" over footage used in the Tom Hanks-Julia Roberts movie.

Arthur Kent, whose live reports on Iraq's Scud missile attacks on Saudia Arabia made him a celebrity, claimed in a lawsuit filed last April that Universal Studios and other violated his intellectual property rights by using without his consent segments of a 1986 news program he made about the Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan.

Terms of the settlement are confidential.

"I am very pleased with the terms of the settlement. I brought these actions only to uphold the copyright protection of my work, my voice, and my archive, and to make clear that I do not endorse the account of historical events conveyed by the movie," Kent said.

A Universal spokesman could not immediately be reached.

The 2007 film, directed by Mike Nichols, also starred Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams.