Al Franken's Saturday Night Live Return: Franken Helps Write SNL's McCain Skit (VIDEO)

11/03/2008 05:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Saturday Night Live's opening skit knocked John McCain for running misleading ads about Barack Obama. As Politico reported earlier tonight (see below), Al Franken, a Democrat currently running for the Senate in Minnesota and a former SNL cast member, had a hand in crafting the skit. Scroll for Franken's McCain skit or, WATCH FIVE OTHER JAMES FRANCO-HOSTED SNL SKITS HERE



EARLIER Politico reports that Al Franken had a hand in writing tonight's Saturday Night Live skit about John McCain.

Al Franken, the former "Saturday Night Live" star now running in a high-profile Senate race in Minnesota, helped craft the opening sketch mocking John McCain that is slated to kick off the NBC comedy show tonight, according to two well-placed sources inside the network.

Franken, who hasn't been a staff writer on the show for 13 years, "phoned in" a spoof of McCain recording campaign ads in an edit booth, said an NBC source. Seth Meyers, the show's current head writer, wrote it, but the sketch was hatched by Franken, a longtime liberal satirist and comedian.

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