McCain's Debate Suspension Widely Mocked On Twitter

10/25/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

John McCain's decision to suspend his campaign in order to focus on the ongoing debate and negotiations over the Paulson bailout package is -- like all things -- getting roundly mocked on Twitter, maybe because just a few days ago, the fundamentals of our economy had tweeted McCain, saying they were strong. Here are some highlights:

agolis: #suspending all meetings. Srsly. The economy is hurting people!

poopaltar: #suspending hunt for Osama to concentrate on hunt for ponies

downwithtyranny: Is McCain #suspending Rick Davis for punching him in the eye???

netZoo: I am #suspending my campaign because i want to be more like Mitt Romney, whose 29 sons can bail out the economy with their bare hands.

levjoy: I'm #suspending my wife's pregnancy. The crib isn't ready.

leelefever: I am hereby #suspending my lunch. The pastrami wasn't favoring me, so I'm taking a break until it looks more favorable.

arielleholland: #suspending life bc the polls are looking really bad and i need to save a few million by not doing events or running ads for a few days

mayjah: Had to postpone my campaign against this school zone. Cop doesn't like me, is #suspending my license.

jackholt: #Suspending my diet to deal with a pizza crisis tonight.

laurenm: #suspending my birthday this year to focus on the economy. Didn't really need to turn a year older anyway.

huffpost: For a guy #suspending his campaign, John McCain's surrogates were out quickly on the cable news nets. Just sayin ... -ttagaris

ddayen: I am #suspending wearing suspenders until we give $700 billion dollars to Wall Street.

pjwcaruso: #suspending the rest of NFL season on behalf of the patriots - Tom Brady's knee is a much much bigger crisis than the credit market

cruelsommer: I'd like to announce that I'm suspending my work as a blogger to focus on the serious downturn in the number of naps I get to take.

jackholt: #Suspending my disbelief of this campaign, and the last eight years, while working on my ellipses... ...

mayjah: What will happen? How will it turn out? The #suspending is killing me, gah!