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"Demand The Debate" Petition Posted Online

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A voter petition demanding Friday's presidential debate go on as scheduled was posted online yesterday, just hours after the McCain campaign announced its unilateral plan to postpone the debate with Barack Obama in order to focus on "addressing our nation's financial crisis."

The "Demand the Debate 2008" petition site asks visitors to

Demand that Senators Obama and McCain both show up in Mississippi on Friday night and debate for the American people. In this time of crisis, we need to hear from our leaders, not let them hide in Washington. Now more than ever, we need an open dialogue with our leaders.

Obama also quickly rejected the debate suspension proposal:

I believe we should continue to have the debate. I believe it makes sense for us to present ourselves to the American people... Obviously if it turns out that we need to be in Washington, we've both got big planes, we've painted our slogan on the side of them. They can get us from Washington to Mississippi [for the debate] pretty quickly.

The Presidential Debate Commission has reported it agrees with Obama:

We believe the public will be well served by having all of the debates go forward as scheduled.

It's not clear who posted the Demand The Debate online petition.