10/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Simon Doonan Is Worried About Women

American women are something of a concern for Doonan. He bemoans the rise of "porno chic" and notes that there is "a lot of conformity, a lot of blonde hair ... I often wonder if feminism was just a dream. I can't believe how women feel so scrutinised, and they're still so self-critical - I thought they would have let go of that now but they haven't. There's a very masochistic thing with women now that I didn't used to see. My girl friends in the punk era weren't like that at all." He looks slightly forlorn. "You know, at least once a week someone calls me up and says, 'Don't you think it's terrible when fat girls have muffin tops over their jeans?' And I say, 'Not if they're happy.' Who cares?"

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Watch this video in which Simon Doonan discusses the rise of 'porno chic' and says "a lot of women are taking their fashion cues from Girls Gone Wild."