11/01/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

McCain Now Above Partisanship In New Bailout Ad

A day after the RNC and John McCain himself criticized Barack Obama both for supporting a bailout package for Wall Street and contributing to its defeat, the Arizona Republican is up with an ad denouncing partisanship on the matter.

Titled "Week," the spot reflects Obama's statesmanlike track in the wake of the economic crises.

"What a week. Democrats blamed Republicans, Republicans blamed Democrats. We're the United States of America. It shouldn't take a crisis to pull us together. We need a President who can avert crisis. Put people back to work. Grow our economy. And move people from surviving to thriving. We need leadership without painful new taxes. That will make our country strong again."

Of course, had McCain not just attacked Obama in a speech yesterday the ad would be a bit more credible. But it's not just him. Surrogates to the Senator and the RNC have been all over the map in their messaging: blaming Democrats for the bailout's failure, crediting McCain for bringing House Republicans on board, and, of course, calling for partisanship to be put aside.

UPDATE: The Obama campaign responds

"In the latest sign of his increasingly erratic campaign, John McCain is actually running an ad attacking behavior that he himself exhibited in blaming this financial crisis on Barack Obama. What a week indeed," said Obama-Biden spokesman Hari Sevugan.