11/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Christopher Buckley Reaffirms Obama-Love On The Daily Show

Last night former National Review back-page columnist Christopher Buckley was on The Daily Show to promote his new book, Supreme Courtship, and talk about how he became the former National Review back-page columnist (i.e. he endorsed Barack Obama on The Daily Beast, people on the right went mental, NR subscribers called to complain, Buckley offered his resignation 'sincerely', and it was sincerely accepted by NR editor Rich Lowry. And thusly the son of the magazine's founder was, just like that, evicted from the magazine of his father's legacy. Drama!). Did he have any regrets? Did he do it just to sell some books? Nope, said Buckley - Obama was his guy. And that was how the Daily Show audience came to explode with applause for a conservative guest, maybe for the first time ever. Watch it here: