12/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mailbag: Pushed To The Limit By Robo-Calls

We want your stories! What was your voting experience like? What interactions have you had with the campaigns? Are you volunteering for a candidate? Have you received any last minute robocalls or campaign mail? Let us know what's happening in your neck of the woods: email vote@huffingtonpost.com

Cliff writes us from somewhere in Ohio where the robots have apparently taken over:

You. Have. No. Earthly. Idea.

I'm in Ohio and only have a cell phone. Starting about a month ago I started getting these robocalls from McCain's people inviting me to hear him speak. The first one annoyed me. The second one enraged me. The third one made me totally freak. Wherever did they my info?

(As I write this another call is coming in ... more on that in a moment.)

I have a business and had for a year (2005-2006) been a member of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. It is the ONLY place I imagine the GOP could have gotten my information, since I don't imagine they're going through the Yellow Pages and calling every business in there.

After the fourth call, after which I had the sense to call back the Caller ID number and, upon hearing a prompt for getting on their Do Not Call list avail myself of that option, I called the Chamber and gave them a piece of my mind. They were apologetic all over creation and insisted that they don't give out that information (which is patently false, since I was offered the option to buy the list once). They also insisted that they do not support candidates, only issues. The Ohio Chamber, they said, is another matter. (That is not news to me, since I abandoned my membership after realizing that the Ohio Chamber was the lead funding source for the Swift Boat ads four years ago.) They promised to get me off each and every list they have.

Meanwhile ...

As the days have progressed, I have gone from receiving not one, not two, but at least TWO DOZEN political calls A DAY. Since I no longer take them (which I fear could also mean I'm avoiding calls from new customers), yesterday I finally gave up and shut the phone off after getting six calls in one thirty minute period.

Today has been no different. In fact, I stunned one client showing him the list of Missed Calls on my phone from 1-866, 000-000-0000, Unknown and Blocked numbers.

I am totally at my breaking point and it's seriously affecting my sanity.

Oh, and did I mention that I already voted four weeks ago?

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