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Obama: Right-Wing Attacks On Michelle "Out Of Bounds" (VIDEO)

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In an interview with Katie Couric, Barack Obama says that the thing that made him angriest in the campaign was right-wing attacks on his wife Michelle.

COURIC: What did the McCain team do in the course of this campaign that made you the angriest?

OBAMA: You know, I, I think that, ahh, you know, I -- a lot of the stuff that has made me angry hasn't directly come from the McCain campaign. I mean, I, I do think that there is a -- there is a Republican or rightwing -- media outlet-- set of media outlets that went after my wife for a while in a way that I thought was just completely out of bounds. And -- and I, you know, frankly I-- you know, I would have never considered or expected my allies to do something comparable to the spouse of an opponent. ... I just feel like family is -- are civilians. And they don't sign up for this stuff. They support their -- their spouse. But generally, you know, they're really -- should be bystanders in this process, even if they're campaigning for you. You know, they're saying nice things about -- about their -- their, in this case, their husbands. I mean, that's what you expect. And-- and that doesn't make them suddenly targets.

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