Chicago Election Problems Surface

12/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The long lines and potentially record-setting turnout have caused relatively few problems in Chicago, but voting has not been without glitches.

Chicago election authorities removed three election judges for improper conduct Tuesday, WBBM reports:

Chairman of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners Langdon Neal says one judge was drunk, one was being abusive and one was impersonating an election judge.

He says someone in the 51st precinct in the 17th ward showed up and claimed to be appointed by a ward committeemen.

Neal says the other judges became suspicious, called the board and learned the person was NOT a real judge.

The person was arrested, according to Neal.

Pilsen voter Lindsay Theo told Chicago Public Radio that she had partially completed her electronic ballot before noticing that there were no judges to vote for and the Constitutional Convention referendum was missing:

THEO: They found out they had been entering in the wrong code for everyone who voted before me.

Election judges submitted Theo's ballot and then had her vote a second time on the full ballot.

THEO: I said, 'Like, is that legal?' and they were like, 'It'll be OK.'

Other voters were registered in two locations. At least one person said he voted in both.

Chicago election officials say they will find and prosecute anyone who voted twice.

The placement of the Con-Con question may have caused voters to inadvertently miss it, Steve Rhodes notes at Division Street:

"I almost missed voting on the Con-Con referendum. After I thought I had completed my voting, I wondered where the Con-Con question was. I even thought it was missing. Then I found it at the very beginning of the ballot, right where I was instructed to 'Start Voting Here.'

"It was shaded in blue, though, almost like a space for official use only or instructions. My guess is others will miss it too - and not go back looking for it."

Three suburban Cook County polling places were ordered to stay open until 8 p.m. to compensate for delayed starts: Willard School in Evanston, Parkview Christian Church in Orland Park and Woodbine School in Cicero Township.

The Illinois Attorney General's office has been monitoring the polls and investigating claims of voter irregularity, the Chi-Town Daily News reports. Voter's who encounter problems are urged to call the AG's hotline: (866) 536-3496.

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