12/14/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

"I'm Tired" Recycled Bracelets: $5 Of $10 Goes To Charities

My brother Dan and I have created a product that gives back... significantly -- an eco friendly, very cool (if I do say so myself), very inexpensive bracelet that everyone can afford, with the mission of donating half the sale of each one to charities that support important causes. And, yes... I'm introducing it to you in White Apricot, which seems self serving, but it's not. The bracelets are designed to make a difference in the world and raise a lot of money for important causes.

Meet the "I'm Tired" collection of bracelets, made from recycled tires and metals. They retail for just $10 each and half of each bracelet ($5 each) will be donated to charities, supporting one of 10 causes, from world hunger and global warming to cancer and autism, issues in our world that we are all tired of. Each bracelet represents a cause and has the words "I'm Tired of" and the cause emblazoned on the bead.

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