The Right-Wing MoveOn.Org: Republican Trust PAC

12/14/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It wasn't long ago that I was attending gatherings of frustrated liberals wondering when oh when we would be delivered from the wilderness and how we could possibly emulate what the Republicans did best: messaging, defining their brand, riling up (and embracing) the base and, well, winning. It sounds funny now but just a few years ago Republicans were at the top of their game. Now the roles are reversed and it's the Republicans doing the soul searching.

"Only a group like this one, The National Republican Trust PAC, which sponsored the Rev. Wright ads that delivered all the undecided vote to McCain in the election, has the flexibility and focus to do what the Republican Party should be doing on its own. And we cannot sit back and let complaisance and over confidence lead us to another election day debacle."

You see, those Reverend Wright ads are where true conservatism is at.

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