Begich On "Maddow" Stresses Magnanimity, Change (VIDEO)

12/21/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Victorious in his race to unseat Alaska's best known collector of illicit felony-booty Ted Stevens, Democratic Senator-elect Mark Begich made an appearance on last night's Rachel Maddow Show (guest hosted by Alison Stewart), which, as before, he was "honored" to do! Begich magnanimously praised Stevens' service and voiced his excitement for "new opportunities" for his state. Begich also predicted that he would be able to successfully work with Governor Sarah Palin even though I'd bet twenty dollars right now that she didn't vote for him! Anyway, here's hoping that Alaska can come to be known for something other than frost-flecked, money-grubbing cronyism maybe!

(Also in this clip: Stewart shows how serious the Minnesotans are about their recount by describing the goings on in Ramsey County, where poll workers are counting ballots hand by hand at a clip of one ballot per five seconds, in rooms where no food, drink, or talking is permitted. I hope everyone drives really carefully in Minnesota over the next week or so, because there will be some fellow citizens walking around whose eyes are totally glazed over.)

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