12/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama School Created In Long Island

ABC News reports that an elementary school in Long Island, New York, "has been re-named in honor of President-elect Barack Obama":

Ludlum Elementary School in Long Island's Hempstead Union Free School District was re-named at a board meeting Thursday, at the request of numerous school students.

"Just to watch these kids after the board voted on what they asked them to do, they were so elated," school district superintendent Dr. Joseph Laria told ABC News. "You want to talk about "Yes we can!"? That was a lesson in democracy."

Effective immediately, Ludlum will now be known as Barack Obama Elementary School, following a decision by the board to adopt the resolution drafted by students and staff.

The impetus behind the name change is credited to the school's proximity to Hofstra University, the site of the third Presidential debate, which reportedly captured the imagination of the students.

The school will be officially rededicated in January, following the Inauguration. Obama will be invited to attend the ceremony.