12/22/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Norm Coleman: "I'm A Winner"

U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman broke his silence on the recount in Minnesota's election for the seat he holds today, saying "I'm a winner" and predicting that most of the mounting number of challenged ballots -- including his campaign's apparently -- will be dismissed.

Of the Coleman and Al Franken campaigns' increasingly aggressive ballot challenges, Coleman said, "There are games being played on both sides and it would be great if people put the games aside." He disavowed personal involvement in the recount's nitty-gritty -- "I'm not involved in day-to-day recount stuff" -- but offered this apparently informed opinion: "I would bet that most of the challenges are going to be dismissed."

Asked about any awkwardness in his position as a sitting senator who may or may not have won re-election, Coleman responded: "I'm still senator. I believe I'm a winner. ... I'm proceeding with the belief that we prevailed the first night, prevailed in the certification and we'll prevail again."

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