12/23/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Luxury Stays For Less This Winter Holiday

With the holidays around the corner and the economy in the dumpster, this winter vacation is all about being a recessionista and/or a recessionisto. So, don't cancel your vacation plans just yet because there are many luxurious and exotic hotspots around the world that won't break your bank. We wouldn't have known about these places if it wasn't for, a new internet company that aggregates chic travel stays from the creme de la creme of publications like Vogue and Elle. It includes a directory of some of the best stays from Abu Dhabi to Zanzibar. says bring out your inner "recession chic and travel the world like a Rockefeller for the price of a budget hotel." Below is a slideshow of some of these budget hotels in the hottest places to checkout for the upcoming winter holidays.

Luxury Stays For Less

For more information on these places and others, checkout

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