12/25/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Access Hollywood: "We're Going To Treat The Obamas Like A Hollywood Family"

The Obama family has helped sell magazines and newspapers, as well as deliver record ratings to politically-themed program this election season. Now, entertainment TV shows look to capitalize on their celebrity by following their every move.

TV Week's Andrew Krukowski reports that "Access Hollywood" and "Entertainment Tonight" will continue to cover the Obama family in detail:

Barack Obama's election as president is fueling ratings among syndicated television newsmagazine shows--and they are returning the favor.

It's a symbiosis in which shows such as "Access Hollywood" and "Entertainment Tonight" cover the Obama family like royalty, bringing back a Camelot mythology to the White House. In return, they are enjoying a ratings bump with unexpected staying power.

"We're going to treat the Obamas like a Hollywood family," said Rob Silverstein, executive producer of NBC Universal Television Distribution's "Access Hollywood."...

The rough economy and financial belt-tightening also are driving an increased interest in politics, which is being reflected on "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," said the shows' executive producer, Linda Bell Blue.

Both "ET" and "The Insider," syndicated by CBS Television Distribution, are following election-related topics that interest women, Ms. Bell Blue said. That means covering Michelle Obama's fashion choices and celebrities who are going to attend the inauguration in January.

Read the full TV Week article here or watch the Obama family's "Access Hollywood" appearance from July below (and be sure to vote in the poll below the video):

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