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Tucker Carlson: Why Are Christians Having Better Sex Than The Rest Of Us?

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Let's concede right up front that you hate evangelicals. Most affluent, educated people do. Where I live, they're the most unpopular group there is. How do I know this? Because of the reaction to a story that ran in yesterday's New York Times.

Earlier this month, the Rev. Ed Young, a 47-year-old megachurch pastor in Texas, urged his married congregants to have sex as much as possible with their spouses, if possible, every day for a week. Sex improves marriage, Young argued. God wants you to have more of it. "If you've said, 'I do,' do it," he told the Times.

The piece quickly became the newspaper's most emailed story of the day, sent mostly, I suspect, by readers in New York, Washington and L.A. to their friends along with notes mocking Ed Young and his parishioners. That's how I first saw the story. "This will be good for them," the email read. "It's hard to spend too much time engaged in meth-fueled sodomy with your boyfriend when you've got a nightly copulation meeting with your wife." (A reference to Colorado pastor Ted Haggard, who confessed to such activity after being busted by a male prostitute.)

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