07/22/2010 08:36 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

7 Ways To Eat Healthy In Flight

I travel a lot for business and, well, it can take a real toll on your well-being. Nutrition, especially, can be a real challenge. I find that flying is the worst, because if you are anything like me, and you take several hour flights, you have to eat. If you don't get on the flight prepared, you can be forced to do the dirty deed of eating poorly, sabotaging all of your good intentions. What is worse, if you fly often, your repetitive patterns of eating poorly will eventually catch up with you.

Below are some general tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of air travel and poor eating:

Do Your Research: Many airlines will post their in-flight meal options online. Prior to your flight, visit the airline's Web site and check out what your options are. Do a quick nutritional analysis to help you pre-determine what is most nutritious and what will be healthiest for you. When on board, stick with that pre-determined choice to make sure you stay on track.


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