01/08/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Brian Williams On Chris Matthews' Ellen Chest Grope: "It Shows Me Chutzpah"

Brian Williams appeared on "Ellen" Monday and hysterically complimented Chris Matthews for his bold chest-grabbing dance move.

In signature dry tones he told Degeneres:

"Let's talk about it. I spent four years of high school trying mostly to do that... Part of me as a guy, you've gotta admire that! It shows me guts. It shows me chutzpah. He went for everything."


"I tend to respect personal space. It's a thing I have. Raised Catholic. If you're asking about my relationship with Chris, we've done, I call it light petting. Nothing like that."

Hilarious as his Matthews' monologue was, some fact checking was needed, as Williams erroneously credited a quote from "Notting Hill" to "Love, Actually."