Tips For Making All Wishes Come True

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One New Year's Day, on the brink of my fiftieth year, I took stock of my life--and the tally was grim. I was alone after a long marriage, seemingly doomed to perpetual house rental, and separated from the spiritual community that had once sustained me. Though skeptical of "create your own reality" thinking, I launched a year-long experiment in wishing--to see if there was, indeed, any power in "putting it out there," as so many people proclaim. It wasn't easy, but I forced myself to suspend my doubts and go for it all: a new love, a healed soul, and the sweet stucco house of my dreams.

Over the course of the year, I was amazed to discover that all three of my wishes really did come true--in ways that met, subverted, and overflowed my expectations. Based on the experiences recounted in my new book "The Wishing Year," here's how to launch your own year of wishing.

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