02/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Alexandra Penney, Madoff Victim: He "Is Not A Human Being," He Is A "Sociopath"

Alexandra Penney, former editor of Self magazine who lost her life savings in Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, lashed out against the scam artist in an interview with CNN's Christine Romans:

Sitting in her artists' studio in the SoHo area of New York, she recently told CNN she will start writing again to pay the bills. And she has a few choice words about Madoff, who remains under house arrest in his Manhattan penthouse apartment, where he lives with his wife while the case proceeds.

"Repulsive is mild. Loathsome. It's a visceral feeling. This is not humanity; this is not a human being. This is, again, it's a sociopath," Penney says. "I'm sincerely, and this is the understatement of the year, appalled that this man is not in prison."

In the exclusive preview clip below, Penney also says that investing with Madoff made her the envy of her social circle.

"I have friends who were MBAs from Harvard, Wharton...I'd say 'Madoff,' they'd say, 'How'd you get in?" Penney said. "They would say, 'It's great, and you're golden, don't worry.' When the market started to go down, I talked to even more people, and they said, 'Oh no, Bernie Madoff, he's still okay. He's fine.'"


The interview is part of a CNN & Fortune investigation, "Madoff: Secrets of a Scandal," which airs Saturday and Sunday at 8PM on CNN.