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Mariah Power Windspire: A Low-Profile Wind Turbine

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Deemed the 'Best Of What's New In '08' by Popular Science Magazine, the innovative Mariah Power Winspire is sure to be the must-have wind turbine in 2009. The sleek, low-profile design and unparalleled efficiency make this a highly enticing option for people who have considered wind turbines in the past, but haven't yet found an appropriate affordable model. According to Popular Science,

Zoning laws often forbid tall wind turbines. The Windspire captures breezes at 30 feet and below with a design in which blades run up a pole's length and spin around it. Contoured airfoils make the Windspire the first vertical-axis turbine that can start in slow winds without help from a motor or inefficient scoops or wings. $5,000;

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