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Cadillac Converj: An Electric Car Made For Obama?

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EcoGeek's Hank Green went to the North American International Auto Show and found all kinds of good stuff. One of our favorites here at HuffPost is this mean-looking electric Cadillac concept. Is it as cool as Obama's Cadillac limo? Yes, I daresay, and even cooler.

Of course, it might not be ready before the end of Obama's term as president. Here's some of Hank's reporting on the Cadillac Converj:

There's no word on a production date, but (if it gets made at all) we probably can't expect it before 2012. The car is built on the same platform as the Volt, with a stack of lithium ion batteries to hold a charge for the first 40 miles, and a small gasoline generator to re-charge the batteries after that 40 miles.

So, since the average commuter drives less than 40 miles per day, the car could be drive its whole life without ever using gasoline. Of course, if you need to go on vacation, extended-range EVs allow for that, letting you basically "recharge" with gasoline. At that point, it's not that green, but it is a lot more convenient than running out of juice and being stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Head over to EcoGeek for pictures of the Converj.

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