02/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Salazar Pledges To Help Modernize Grid, Reduce Oil Dependence

Salazar pledged to "clean up the mess" at the Department of Interior, which has seen controversies over non-collection of oil royalties and an embarrassing sex, drugs, and bribery scandal within the Minerals Management Service.

He said he would revisit some of the more contentious rules put out by the Bush administration. "We will review what decisions have been made to see whether there is action necessary to make sure that they're in compliance with the law and to make sure they're in compliance with the science," he said.

Energy issues were central during the hearing. "If confirmed, I will remain committed to helping our nation reduce its dangerous dependence on foreign oil," said Salazar. "President-elect Obama believes, as I do, that our foreign oil dependence is a grave threat to our national security, our planet, and our economy."

"I will work to modernize our interstate electrical grid, expand the use of renewable energy like solar and wind on public lands, and help tribes develop renewable energy resources on their lands," he continued.

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