Justin Timberlake Talks SNL Beyonce Skit, D*ck In A Box

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NEW YORK — One visit to Beyonce's dressing room was all it took for Justin Timberlake to ease her concerns about a "Saturday Night Live" skit featuring the two of them.

When Beyonce told him she was having second thoughts about a sketch where Timberlake was to "audition" for a video, he showed up at her dressing room in a robe covering a leotard. He dropped the robe and stood there, staring into space.

Beyonce's reply: "I can't look anywhere but your face right now," Timberlake told CBS' Katie Couric in an interview for next week's pre-Grammy special.

Timberlake also said another, more infamous "SNL" skit where he offered a piece of his anatomy as a gift got a thumbs up from his mom. She thought it was funny.

"You gotta meet my mom," he said. "She's a pretty edgy chick!"

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