Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic Infects More Than 60,000 People: World Health Organization

03/06/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

30 JANUARY 2009 | GENEVA -- Zimbabwe's cholera outbreak, one of the world's largest ever recorded, is far from being brought under control. An enhanced response is needed to urgently reverse an epidemic that has so far infected more than 60,000 people and killed more than 3,100 since August 2008.

"The World Health Organization and other international and local partners are supporting the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare's (MoHCW) efforts to control the epidemic. But unless drastic action is taken by all players in this crisis, more Zimbabweans will succumb to the outbreak, and other countries in the southern African region will face the continued threat of spill over epidemics," said Dr Eric Laroche, Assistant Director-General for WHO's Health Action in Crises Cluster.

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