03/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sex Toy Bike Delivery Service Takes Off In Chicago

Treehugger's April Streeter has found a uniquely green service: sex toy delivery by bike in Chicago.

This is obviously sort of amazing, because you'd think that it might over-publicize a household's sex lives, but if people get past that, it's just about the greenest way you could make an adult-type purchase:

See, necessity really is the mother of invention...sort of. Antony Mikrut got the idea for his small business the Kinky Llama at 3 a.m. one night/morning, when his girlfriend (he says) got a hankering for some sex aids. What they soon found out, as Mikrut told the Chicago Tribune on the video clip, is that ordering a pizza or even a beer delivery in the wee hours is easy. But ordering up sex toys is a bit more difficult. So Mikrut set himself up in business - crowding his apartment with shelves of sexy stuff.

The sustainable twist is that Mikrut makes his deliveries to 27 Chicago zip codes in the dark of night (and of course, in daylight also) by his bike. Mikrut says 98% of his bike deliveries are to women, who don't seem to want to wait for gratification, while a nearly equal percentage of his mail-order is to men. Next day delivery of order is within one hour is an extra $5.

I think Antony Mikrut should get himself a literary agent, because this is going to make for amazing book material, but in the meantime, Treehugger points out that he's missing one thing: green product.

Apparently his offerings are heavy on the toxic plastics and packaging, as opposed to greener sex toys. Also check out the Chicago Tribune video on Mikrut's service.