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Original Caption: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton answers students' questions during a meeting with students at Ewha Women University in Seoul, South Korea, Friday, Feb. 20, 2009.


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Pope Benedict XVI mistakenly thinking he just graduated from the Vatican. By Ais4Atheist.

Pope defies convention and wears white after Labor Day. God not happy, steals Pope's hat. By Drewbai.

Well it's you girl, and you should know it, With each glance and every little movement you show it... You're gonna make it after all! By BartLA.

"And if I'm lying, may God -- Whoops!" By MNMom7578.

Not terribly angry Iraqi reporter throws pillow at Pope. By zakklobucher.


Rampaging chimp taunts police before being shot. By Petraios.