03/25/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Burris Becomes Hot Issue In Emanuel Replacement Race, Quigley Jabs Fritchey Over His Role

In an interview, Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley took a shot at state Rep. John Fritchey (D), who during the Jan. 8 testimony objected three times as Burris was being questioned: one about Burris' personal thoughts upon the governor's arrest; another about what he would have done if he were aware of a quid-pro-quo arrangement regarding the seat; and whether Burris had told party leaders if he'd run for the Senate seat in 2010.

"This was the time to pour transparency through the process," Quigley said. "If [Fritchey] felt the need to protect him for what he might say or how bad it would look, then [Burris] should never have been the appointment."

Fritchey has pushed back hard, accusing Quigley of a "shallow attempt to try to hoodwink the public."

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