Inside The Vanity Fair Party: Movie Stars, Cigarettes And Masturbation Talk

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Several papers had sources and/or reporters inside Vanity Fair's post-Oscar bash Sunday night. See red carpet pictures of the bash here. VF also had a G-rated twitter of the night.

Some juicy blind items are towards the bottom. Speculate in the comments section!

According to the NY Post, it was THE party to be at, with guests leaving other bashes to come to Vanity Fair.

[The party] featured Kate Winslet clutching her Oscar, Vivi Nevo and fiancée Ziyi Zhang sitting with Brian Grazer, Wendi Murdoch and Phillip Dauman, and MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe huddling with Lyor Cohen at the inside bar.

Elsewhere, Madonna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher threw a party, as they did last year, at Guy Oseary's house, but with less success. Rosario Dawson, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Chris Rock, Sharon Stone and Jessica Biel left early for the Vanity Fair bash.

Sean Penn was there too, which was unexpected given that his film "Milk" had a party elsewhere.

The New York Daily News, meanwhile, had an impressively thorough eavesdropper inside the function and observed Sully chatting up Buzz Aldrin and Ginnifer Goodwin being cozy with "He's Just Not That Into You" co-star Justin Long.
Some of what they overheard:

Penn's "Milk" co-star Josh Brolin told a pal, "I'm so tired and over all this," while his wife, Diane Lane, looked on wearily. "I've lost him again," she murmured. "We were almost out of here!"

Natalie Portman, meanwhile, was chided by a pal. "She's not drunk enough!" her buddy teased, prompting a slightly swaying Portman to respond, "Oh, you little s--!" His goading worked -- we saw the actress head toward the bar just moments later...

Amidst the glitz was a crew of comedians cracking jokes off to the side, including Sacha Baron Cohen, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jason Segal, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride. The conversation ranged from Jewish culture to Rogen's query as to whether masturbation could be used "as a form of weight control."

Hill soon leaned in, announced he was "going home to smoke a joint" and disappeared.

Speaking of marijuana, the NY Post had this blind item:

WHICH actor snorted cocaine in the bathroom during an Oscar after-party, while a slimmed-down stoner actor smoked pot outside with his pals?

The New York Times had THIS blind item:

At the Vanity Fair party Sunday night, the Bagger bumped into a guy he knows who is involved in all manner of entertainment businesses. The Bagger noted how the man, someone with access to power in all of its manifestations, seemed to be prospering and was looking well for a middle-aged guy; perhaps he had even lost some weight. "What have you been dining on?" the Bagger asked.

"Twenty-year-olds," said the man, indicating the date off his shoulder.

And Us Weekly thought Madonna had a "fresh-looking face" at the party.

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