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Original Caption: Secretary of Commerce nominee, Gary Locke, speaks during an announcement of his nomination with U.S. President Barack Obama in Washington, DC. Locke, former Governor of the state of Washington, replaces Sen. Judd Gregg who recently withdrew his name from consideration for the position.


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The CEO of Citibank reflects that maybe there was a better use of the bailout money than buying awesome costumes meant to boost morale. By Principaldad.

"We should have gone to Free Credit Report dot com." By RemmingtonBrainerd.

Although clever, the disguises did little to hide the wall street executives from the prying eyes of the Obama administration. By seted.

SEC agents... undercover. By LazyLearner.

After hearing their bonuses will be canceled this year, brokers take second jobs as fast food franchise mascots to make ends meet. By Drewbai.

Pirate: "I said parrot, dress up like a parrot, you idiot." By local21.

It all started with "Casual Fridays." By Fireman515.

"I didn't sign up to work with a cock like you." By Derek Spiewak.

The truth about the stock market has been revealed - It is being run by a bunch of financial pirates playing chicken. By digital.

With the effects of the pills kicking in, Geoff began to realise that his physician really didn't like investment bankers. By Robrobrob.

Which came first, the chicken or the Arrrgg? By Hipbas.


"No! You idiots! I said we need to increase GUN production!" By kcjay3000.