03/29/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Scritti Politti: February 26, 2009

Dateline, Anchorage, yesterday:

ANCHORAGE - Scientists said unrest continues at Mount Redoubt, but there's still been no eruption at the volcano a hundred miles southwest of Anchorage.

The Alaska Volcano Observatory said there have been intermittent earthquakes throughout the week.

Scientists didn't perform any field work at Redoubt this week, but said a gas-measurement flight was scheduled Saturday.

In late January, the observatory began detecting a sharp increase in earthquakes beneath Mount Redoubt. Geologists have since warned that an eruption could occur at any time. However, they say it also is entirely possible the volcano won't erupt.

Sure hope somebody's monitoring it! Not including, of course, Sarah Palin, standing on her porch (though we'd nevertheless applaud the effort, in this case).

Krugman 'Despairs': "Obama and Geithner," Krugman avers, "say the right things." Things such as: "If you underestimate the problem; if you do too little, too late; if you don't move aggressively enough; if you are not open and honest in trying to assess the true cost of this; then you will face a deeper, long lasting crisis." But, Krugman says:

...what they're actually doing is underestimating the problem, doing too little too late, and not being open and honest in trying to assess the true cost. The actual plan seems to be to keep the banks semi-alive by implicitly guaranteeing their liabilities and dribbling in money as necessary, all the while proclaiming that they're adequately capitalized -- and hope that things turn up. It's Japan all over again.

And the result will probably be a deeper, long-lasting crisis.

We Are Just Not That Into You: If George Will is going to make us choose between being a calamitously awful climate science researcher and a latter-day Camille Paglia figure, plumbing the intersection of sex and food, well, then...that's sure going to be a difficult choice.

Did Jindal Tell The Truth...: ...about that famous meeting with Harry Lee? I think you've missed the point. AMERICANS CAN DO ANYTHING. Even stuff that didn't happen!

Jim, DeMinted: Oh, Jim DeMint! Apparently he thinks that a "lot of people" make $250,000 a year. But really, the "lot of people" are probably the 99.3% of the populace that doesn't. Also, he's apparently been misfiling his taxes all this time, maybe? Which is really very sad! But still, he said what he said, and that's why he ends up having to have his feelings hurt by one of Matthew Yglesias' pie-charts.

Daily Dose of Delight: There's only one presidential campaign that promises this bold platform:

This new stimulus bill includes something called "volcano" "monitoring." Some bureaucrat's gonna know when Uncle Beelzebub's in a mood? Well boy howdy, we sure don't think so!!!

Our daddy always told us that bees were God's way of showing us he hated witches. We think it's high time someone investigated the bee-dieoff/witch connection!

We think it's time American stop sending their money overseas to buy the fossil fuels of those who would do us harm, and start investing in God's alternative energy: fire.

And that's this one:

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