04/03/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Larry Flynt: Nadya Suleman Couldn't Earn $1 Million, Laughs Off Skin Tax

Larry Flynt was interviewed on MSNBC on Monday, where the publisher of Hustler sounded a little worse for the wear.

Asked about the so-called skin tax, where states are proposing a tax on pornography, he said:

"What do they want you to do? Participate in it less?" He also noted the effort has already failed in several states, and "I hope they fail everywhere else."

He added that the "the church and the government have had us on a guilt trip for a long time."

As for the economy, Flynt has proposed a bailout for the porn industry, which he admits was a bid to make a broader point.

"I have a solution" for the economic crisis, he said. "It's called bankruptcy."

The MSNBC anchor then asked the porn king what he thought of the $1 million offer Nadya Sulemon, the octomom, was reportedly offered to pose naked.

"I don't believe the offer quite frankly. That young lady has a problem... she doesn't deserve to be the mother of 14 kids."