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Huffington Post   First Posted: 04/04/09 06:12 AM ET Updated: 05/25/11 02:05 PM ET

Original Caption: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales celebrates the Hindu Festival of Holi with a visit to the Swaminarayan School on March 4, 2009 in London, England.


Obama Slazar

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"Who's the bestest President Pookie Wookie in the whole wide world? Him is! Yes him is!" By CPav.

"Check it out. Helen Thomas is not wearing underwear!" By Tim Sylvester.

"Mmmm your breath smells like...change!" By ravpm.

"Psst...Mr President, I didn't pay my taxes either." By vwoom.

"Yes Mr. President; of course I'll accept this rose." By boywonder98.

"Mr. President, let's see how many gay-jokes we can generate on the internet." By kevingiampa.

"Someone put a 'kick me' sign on Biden's back." By Kiabell04.


Arnold Schwarzanegger

With this simple act of kindness, Arnold officially ends the war against the machines. By Kindred02.