Jeopardy Does "Mr. Obama" Category: See How Many Answers You Can Get Right (VIDEO)

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Here is something for all those people who have spent the past few years constantly reading about President Barack Obama and wondering when they will get the chance to impress their peers with what they've learned: a Jeopardy category all about 44.

The category, aired on Wednesday night's episode of the popular quiz show, was titled "Mr. Obama Goes to Washington" and was featured during the "Double Jeopardy" round. Truth be told, the five questions were not exactly stumpers. But no matter. Watch the clip and see how many you can get right. The contestants managed to go five-for-five. The bar has been set high.

Also, do let us know what you thought of the show's Obama questions (or in Jeopardy parlance, 'answers'). What would have made for more interesting, or indeed more challenging, questions?

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