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Rob Corddry Is Unemployed (VIDEO)

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Last night on the "Daily Show," former correspondent Rob Corddry showed up "unexpectedly" to discuss the current unemployment crisis. He spoke for the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs to better looking people and have therefore been denied "hot and cold running pussy."

Corddry proceeded to take the audience on a journey through his career ending with his recent turn as Ari Fleischer in Oliver Stone's "W." Which should have opened up "meatier, non-bald character guy" roles for the millions of Americans out of work.

Corddry then tried to insinuate himself back into the "Daily Show" cast. Suffice to say to say it all ended badly, with Jon making a tragic Sophie's Choice-esque decision between Corddry and Jason Jones. (Ok, it's not that dramatic, I'm embellishing a little.)

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