Seed Sales Rise As Americans Turn To Victory Gardens

04/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Erik Lacitis Home & Garden

The economy is the only topic of conversation nowadays. Maybe not intentionally, but it's hard not to picture dollar amounts next to every event, meal and book.

So we're all looking for ways to save -- and it shows. According to the Seattle Times, Americans are starting to buy into the idea of growing their own food:

Now Victory Gardens are making a comeback: the 2009 Recession version.

Although it came up with the idea too late for this year's print catalog, on its Web site Burpee sells a "Money Garden" that for $10 puts together $20 worth of pea, tomato, pepper, bean, lettuce and carrot seeds.

It says the seeds will produce "over $650 worth of vegetables!"

Some folks would really like a higher-profile American to get in on the act, too -- bloggers have been calling for President Obama to get his hands dirty and grow veggies at the White House, as Eleanor Roosevelt did. (The Throwback White House would be pretty awesome -- people also want the Prez to bring back Carter's solar panels.)

But even if you don't have a White House lawn-sized plot of land to use, there are options for you -- you can coordinate a landshare with others, or figure out how to grow on your roof, in your window or in other small spaces.