03/10/2009 12:47 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Restoring Water Quality Protections Will Save Mountains

The Clean Water Protection Act (CWPA), a bill that would prevent coal companies from legally dumpining mining waste into valley streams, already has more than 150 co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives. [1] The end result: Toxic black waters and poisoned aquifers that have denied American citizens in the coalfields the basic right of a glass of clean water. [1] Next week, the Tennessee State Legislature will take up a bill the Scenic Vistas Protection Act that would effectively ban mountaintop mining in the state. [1] With the re-introduction of the federal Clean Water Protection Act last week (with a record 117 co-sponsors) and a number of state-level efforts underway, there are many new fronts opening in the ongoing effort to stop the injustices of mountaintop removal. [2] Here's the current tally of state and federal efforts underway... Although this is a bare bones post, here is some important information about state-level efforts to end mountaintop removal coal mining... Please check back here soon for updates. [2] Kentuckians for the Commonwealth: "Stream Saver Bill" Kentuckians for the Commonwealth: " I Love Mountains Day - 2009xx-x2033Tennessee: The Scenic Vistas Protection Act. [2]
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