04/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Country Unifying Against BPA In Products

In a matter a few years at most, babies living in the USA will likely be off the BPA-laced formula. Washington Post documents two important developments which signal this likelihood. In Bills Would Ban BPA From Food and Drink Containers, WaPo reports that "Leaders from the House and Senate introduced legislation...that would establish a federal ban on bisphenol A in all food and beverage containers." Read on to see what else is afoot and why baby's health will be improved.

Federal Government Playing Catch-Up
With the US Food & Drug Administration having been in a zombie-like state for a decade - FDA did not even stay caught up with recent voluntary market pullouts from potentially Bisphenol-A leaching products, first by Wal-MartScryve Corporate Social Responsibility Rating and, a few months later, by all six of the major brand name distributors of baby bottles in the US - Congress apparently realized it was a good time to act on the other major Bisphenol-A exposing application: interior coatings on food packaging, especially on cans of baby formula.