Congress Hard At Work Fundraising As Economy Collapses (VIDEO)

04/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Via Crooks and Liars comes this extraordinary video report from the American News Project's Harry Hanbury. In it, Hanbury spends a day trooping around Washington, DC in an attempt to attend every single political fundraiser occurring that day. As you might expect, very few people choose to talk to him, and the whole thing more or less becomes an exercise in watching a man get asked to vacate various premises -- in one notable case, at the threat of being "chased by security." (Not detained, "chased!")


As C&L's Nicole Belle astutely notes, the irony is that the president has taken criticism on "whether it was appropriate for President Barack Obama to travel to Los Angeles this week, when his 'business' should be on the economy, the implication being that Obama was not capable of multi-tasking." I think that if any member of Congress is struck by inspiration on how to solve the economy whilst flesh-pressing at Charlie Palmer's Steakhouse, they ought to come clean, if only to boost the restaurant's Zagat's rating.

Also, if the video leaves you with the impression that every single host and hostess in Washington DC is well-practiced in the "non-denial denial," well, it's sad, but true.

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