04/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Jackson's Neverland In Shambles

Michael Jackson's famed California ranch is in shambles, according to Foxnews.com and a report by Darren Julien, who is auctioning contents of the ranch and visited last year.

Roger Friedman writes (second item down) about a visit Julien took to Jackson's famous estate:

In his declaration filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court, Julien lays out what he saw back on July 23, 2008:

"When I arrived at Neverland," he writes, "I was surprised to see that it was in shambles. Buildings, amusement rides, industrial equipment, personal automobiles, and Jackson's personal zoo and Tipi village were falling apart. Gardens and lawns were overgrown. Joe Marcus [Jackson's chief of security] and Tohme informed us that Jackson had abandoned the property and has not been there since the trial in 2005."

Julien took pictures of the property, which are attached to the declaration. They show the former fantasy property gone to seed, a mere shell of its former glory.

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